Fixed Cost Software Project Engagement

Project Engagements
We help enterprises and software companies accomplish their software-based business objectives through high quality and reliable project based engagements. We leverage our industry, technology solution and platform expertise and experience over the Product lifecycle to deliver quality outcomes for our clients. Over the years, we have delivered solutions of the highest quality and performance.

In project engagements, we are completely responsible for the deliverables by way of addressing your business problems. The deliverables may be a total solution, a piece of a solution that may be integrated into a larger solution or a set of different solutions. The project engagement could leverage multi-shore resources across onsite, offsite and offshore.

This type of engagement is recommended when the scope of the project is well-defined and a clear set of immutable requirements can be documented at the beginning of the engagement. This engagement model offers predictability and reduces the risk related to project cost. We will analyze your initial business and functional requirements and provide you with a fixed-priced estimate.


  • Fixed cost – known up front
  • Clear, well-defined and non-changing requirements
  • Efficient & speedy project execution
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